What's included in the offer?

  •    XSBAY.COM
  •    XSBAY.NET
  •    XSBAY.ORG

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Are all three domains for sale?
Yes, the XSBAY.COM, XSBAY.NET, and XSBAY.ORG domains are all for sale
Can I make an offer for just one of the domains?
No, all three XSBAY domains are sold as one package to provide maximum value for the buyer
Has your ownership of these domains been verified?
Yes, ownership has been verified and before payment you will either have the opportunity to verify ownership of the domains yourself via a DNS Text Record or ownership will be confirmed to you by the domain marketplace in charge of managing the transaction
How will the transaction be completed?
Payment and delivery of the domains will be done through a trusted domain marketplace that offers safe transactions for both buyer and seller